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    Mass Distraction

    Monkey See...


    Deep Red

    Monkey See (on TV)...

    Childrens Hospital - On Adult Swim


    Goonies the Musical!


    Sloth's Song

    Goonies the Musical!


    Takin' It Back

    Goonies the Musical!


    Piano Lessons

    Goonies the Musical!




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    You, My Friend, Have a Gift

    Everything in its right place:

    (Via Reddit)

    Both Agree: Dementors Suck.

    Zelda Convention - June 9, 2011

    Via Reddit

    I swear - my niece is my witness!

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    Zelda Convention - June 3, 2011

    Via Fuck Yeah Steve Zisso

    Let's head on down into that cellar and carve ourselves a witch...

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