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    Entries in Brian Eno (3)

    David Bowie, "African Night Flight"

    Keith Doughty discusses songs, albums and artists that are unappreciated, unknown, and/or unfairly-maligned by the general public. This is Hidden Tracks.

    David Bowie - "African Night Flight"

    One of these days, one of these days
    Gotta get a word through one of these days

    Did David Bowie accidentally invent rap music? Of course not. Don’t be silly. Yet the thought just might enter your mind when listening to “African Night Flight” off of Bowie’s 1979 album, Lodger. The song starts out with various non-melodic instruments and sound effects working together to create a frantic rhythm. Brian Eno, who co-wrote the song, is there to provide prepared piano and “cricket menace” (“little crickety sounds that Brian produced from a combination of my drum machine and his ‘briefcase’ synth,” Bowie said in 2001). The result reminds me more of a modern day rap “beat” than the backdrop of a 1970s rock song. And then Bowie comes in.

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    Weeks of June 27 and July 4, 2011

    Every week, we list our recommendations of new music, books, comics, movies and TV to check out. This is Recs in Effect:

    We're going to be taking next monday off (as we love our country and freedom and Jesus and why don't you feel that way you godless hippie bastard?). So this recommendation covers the next two weeks.

    New Comic (June 28th)

    27: First Set TP

    This one is a blind recommendation. BUT! It is by Charles Soule. Charles Soule wrote one of my favorite graphic novels of 2009: Strongman. Strongman was an excellent, funny, sad, well-paced story that blended the inherent ridiculousness of luchadores with familiar trappings of a noir missing person case. Due to his excellent writing, Soule has become one of those people whose work I will always support, buying sight unseen (see Eric Powell, Brian K. Vaughan, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, James Jean). Anyways, 27: First Set is the story of a musician who encounters rock's infamous '27 Club' - that is the group of talented musicians who die at the age of 27. I'm sure it's a great genre-blending mash-up of fun, nerdiness and inventive approaches to well previously trodden territory.

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    Zelda Convention - June 6, 2011

    "Tell him about the Twinkie."

    "What about the Twinkie?"

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