7 Best Blooper Reelz of the 7 Past Years
Friday, August 19, 2011 at 2:15PM
Rob Dean in Anchorman, Bloopers, Dinner for Schmucks, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Gag Reels, Get Him to the Greek, Invention of Lying, Listicles, Paul Rudd, Serenity, Talladega Nights, WTF, Will Ferrell

...the "Z" means it's fun!

 Some occasional NSFW language and a few minor spoilers.

7) Dinner for Schmucks

6) Get Him to the Greek

Embed...Denied! LAME. Go here to check it out.

5) Invention of Lying

4 ) Anchorman

3) Talladega Nights

2) Serenity

1) Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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