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    « Scottie Pilgrim, You're My Hero. | Main | Quotent Quotables - August 17, 2011 »

    Zelda Convention - August 17, 2011

    Hey! I don't need your sarcastic comments about my "abilities," robots. That job is taken.

    Give me sites beyond sight!

    • Whatever the Male Version of "Evil Spinster with Cobwebbed Womb" is...I'm That: Every time I listen to people prattle on about their children's boring days or accomplishments, I immediately balance it out by visiting Your Kids Art Sucks. I'm not saying I'm a hero, but a little recognition would be nice.
    • I Fear This Is Being Wasted on Brooklyn Hipsters: Todd Lamb is a comedy genius who writes random notes from "Chris" and posts them all over New York City. I think it's brilliant - but imagine how much better if it was in Wisconsin or Nebraska know. One of the "Larry" states (I organize states by classic Three Stooges roles. Woe unto any cast into the pits of Shempdom)
    • Like NH Has Any "Cities" to Advertise: These accurate tourism slogans for US Cities are funny and very apt. Basically this is how I read each: "Ha. Yeah. ...Yeah."
    • Another Siren Song for Me to Play Team Fortress 2: This pretty amazing animated short from 4 students of Utrecht School of Arts is inspired by many things, including Team Fortress 2. With all of the mentions on Reddit, plus my love of all things Valve, I really want to play the game - but fear that a chorus of "noobs" sung by prepubescent "teammates" awaits any attempt to play it. It'll be Halo 3 all over again! Alack alas. In the meantime, please enjoy this excellent animated short called "Mac 'n' Cheese"

    Mac 'n' Cheese from Mac 'N' Cheese on Vimeo.

    (Via The Daily What)

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