9 Funniest Harrison Ford Videos
Friday, July 15, 2011 at 2:00PM
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Harrison Ford is still the man. Even though we're 2 weeks away from Cowboys & Aliens, I'm willing to say that he maintains his status as The Man even after that movie. Why? Because if it's good, that'll add to his mystique. And if it's terrible, it'll be another example of Ford's natural ability to be bulletproof. He's been in so many bad movies, but that doesn't stop the fact that we all really like him.

Hell, think of his good movies and you'll see they're made up of a small stable of mannerisms, tics, cliches and delivery.

And yet...we still love him.

We can't STOP loving him.

Here are 9 videos that both defy and define our love for the man the Japanese call "Shouty Punchy Family Lover."

9) Harrison Ford is Undead and/or the Highlander

8) Harrison Must Really Love His Son

7) Harrison Doesn't Like that Blockbuster Ignores Temple of Doom's Existence

6) Harrison Loves Pot, Hates Prepared Statements

5) Harrison Ford Is Careless with Where He Leaves His Loved Ones

4) "Yo, Dawg. Your Screamin' Is a Bit Pitchy, Dawg."

3) Literally See the Moment When He Decided Everything Is Bullshit

2) "Harrison - Maybe You Should Work a Bit More?"

1) Harrison Ford Presents Music to Punch People By




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