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The Neurotic Monkey's Guide to Survival is dedicated to providing innovative ideas that will alter reality as we know it and could very well SAVE YOUR LIFE. Plus videos of people getting hit in the junk.



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    Mass Distraction

    Monkey See...


    Deep Red

    Monkey See (on TV)...

    Childrens Hospital - On Adult Swim


    Goonies the Musical!


    Sloth's Song

    Goonies the Musical!


    Takin' It Back

    Goonies the Musical!


    Piano Lessons

    Goonies the Musical!




    About Keith Doughty

    Since the dawn of time man has yearned to destroy the sun, but Keith Doughty understands this is unlikely to occur for at least 4-5 years.

    Instead of fretting about/hoping for mankind's untimely destruction, Keith prefers to engage in more constructive activities. Such as teaching cats to harmonize and reading Proust to unsuspecting motorists. Sometimes at the same time. He's just that talented.

    A follower of politics, a lover of beer, a watcher of movies and TV, a listener of music, and a dancer of dances; Keith is looking forward to sharing his thoughts on domestic policy, US politics, and more.

    Keith posts Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics every Monday and Hidden Tracks every Friday. You can contact Keith here.