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The Neurotic Monkey's Guide to Survival is dedicated to providing innovative ideas that will alter reality as we know it and could very well SAVE YOUR LIFE. Plus videos of people getting hit in the junk.



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    Mass Distraction

    Monkey See...


    Deep Red

    Monkey See (on TV)...

    Childrens Hospital - On Adult Swim


    Goonies the Musical!


    Sloth's Song

    Goonies the Musical!


    Takin' It Back

    Goonies the Musical!


    Piano Lessons

    Goonies the Musical!




    About Gregory Shame


    Little is known about Gregory Shame.  Legend tells of a man who lives in an apartment where the absurd meets the surreal and awkwardly makes small talk with each other. 

    Still other myths abound that it's all much more chaotic than it sounds and frequently involves dealings with CHUDs, gods and something that may or may not be sentient gelatin.

    Armed only with his wit and an uncanny ability to take all of the insanity in stride, Gregory forges ahead into the freakish unknown that greets him every morning (and noon and night).

    You can read all about his various misadventures beyond time, space and taste at Things in My Apartment.