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The Neurotic Monkey's Guide to Survival is dedicated to providing innovative ideas that will alter reality as we know it and could very well SAVE YOUR LIFE. Plus videos of people getting hit in the junk.



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    Mass Distraction

    Monkey See...


    Deep Red

    Monkey See (on TV)...

    Childrens Hospital - On Adult Swim


    Goonies the Musical!


    Sloth's Song

    Goonies the Musical!


    Takin' It Back

    Goonies the Musical!


    Piano Lessons

    Goonies the Musical!




    About Eryn Ashley


    If you have a problem, yo, I'll solve it. I am a long-time writer, reader, caller, listener, wisher, dreamer, lover, biter, champion of awesome, instigator of awkward, ridiculous human being who knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

    I do not like spiders or bicycles. I do like artichokes and pajamas. I especially dislike mold, except in stinky cheese. I especially enjoy british people, except if they stink like cheese.

    My dream is to write and publish a romance novel. My other dreams are far too long, convoluted and twisty to post on the internet.

    I live in Rhode Island because of my firm belief in the big fish, small pond philosophy. I also live here because my husband is from here. He is a very nice, funny, burly Italian man (so don't get fresh with me) who thinks I am weird in the best way.

    I write The Holy Bibble, which appears every Tuesday.


    You can contact Eryn (Miss Ashley if you're nasty) by emailing her here.